TermoBuild offers high-quality solutions for Net Zero Energy and Sustainable Hybrid Buildings at below conventional costs. Our motto, “building green in a concrete world,” describes the commitment to promoting healthy indoor living and low carbon buildings.

TermoBuild engineers know how to translate the value of thermal storage into simple to understand heating and cooling requirements. Using a system based on the modern Hollow Core Platform invented in Canada in the early 1950s, TermoBuild is creating a new generation of hybrid buildings.

Imagine the idea of pairing building structure with indoor comfort systems that shifts the focus from individuals products based on price to a bundle offering that is scalable to meet broader needs.

Financial efficiency. “Smart” Floors with Termobuild Is not just a solution delivered to the site. It's where the smart money goes for better returns and lower risk.

With our innovative and proactive integrated design, bulky, expensive HVAC equipment is an infrastructure of the past. Now you can look forward to a lifetime of comfort and improved returns on initial capital investments as well as savings in energy and maintenance bills for any projects and especially in Public/Private Partnerships that rely on turnkey design-build delivery.

Your 2030 Challenge Partner

What we do goes beyond the scope of conventional mechanical engineers work.

Our services are ideal when consulting engineers may not  be even involved  at the initial stages of project.   

Our team of environmentally-minded engineers consider your building development projects a top priority. By working with TermoBuild engineers during the pre-construction stage, our clients save on long-term energy costs and significantly reduce their impact on the environment. And, in an industry where initial expenses rule, our method does not cost more to implement than the blueprint.

By building green one project at a time, we are transforming the building industry and leading the way towards an environmentally healthy future.

Our hybrid system entails a combination of “smart floors and ceilings” linked with significantly smaller off-the-shelf HVAC equipment to produce a sustainable building solution. Pre-cast concrete slabs (known as “hollow core”) form an integral part of the design given their intrinsic ability to store and distribute heating and cooling in any climate.

These radiant hollow core panels are naturally able to retain heat and cool energy (a process known as “thermal storage”) to be released upon demand. In short, thermal storage takes place within the concrete panels which essentially comprise the “smart flooring” and “smart ceilings” of a building.

As a result, the building will forevermore be able to leverage and activate its own dormant thermal properties courtesy of its built-in, smart design. Even more attractive, the system employs a significantly reduced quantity of building materials and therefore costs the same or less to construct than conventional buildings. Finally, the added long term benefit of reducing the building’s overall carbon footprint is an undeniably valuable feature.

From a technical perspective, the process of thermal storage that occurs via “smart floors” and “smart ceilings” works intuitively with fan-assisted ventilation that pushes the fresh air through a series of main ducts that are fed into smaller branch ducts, strategically placed within the larger hollow core slab structure. As air passes through the ducts, the concrete warms or cools the fresh air before supplying it to the occupied space.


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