"Building green in a concrete world" is our commitment to healthy low carbon buildings.

"Building as a Battery" platform offers high-quality solution for Net Zero Energy Buildings.

How. Combine conventional indoor comfort systems and concrete floors as one system. Conventional controls assure comfort, resilience and energy efficiency.

Building Performance can be further enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI). AI sits on top of existing controls offering optimization in real time. This type of intelligent building integration becomes your energy asset and data hub. It takes the efficiency to a higher level of performance.

Value engineered platform is a plug in to conventional building designs.

Our engineers love turning dormant concrete into a valuable asset to benefit you.


Financial efficiency. “Building as a Battery platform is not only a lean solution delivered to the site. It's where the smart money goes for better returns and lower risk.

Cost savings occur in several areas compared to other alternatives.

Non utility financial benefits, with reduced number of mechanical equipment are more predictable. Partnering for profits with Developers, Architects, Engineers, ESCO or design-build delivery outcomes got more attractive.

Your smart city partner

Building industry is sensitive to capital costs to construct and long term expenses. Our proven method is focused on both energy and financial efficiency. We offer you to fill the gap that exists in the market. Built-in and free bonus: resilience, improved indoor air quality and non-utility financial benefits.

What we do goes beyond the scope of conventional design teams. It is about integration of concrete floors with indoor comfort systems enables you to do more with less. No need to look for new heating/cooling equipment excerpt is should be smaller.       

When is a good time to engage us. It is best to be involved at the early design stage or when the project is over budget.

Why. TermoBuild team elevates building performance to future proof real estate value. Save on capital cost, long-term energy costs, reduced maintenance and lower environmental impact.

By building Smart City ready buildings we are future proofing your real estate value.  Building as a Battery solution leading the way towards an healthy future low carbon future.


Value and Benefits of using "Building as a Battery". Many buildings around the world are often preoccupied with economics - to the point that lowering construction costs takes precedence over long-term savings offered to tenants and building occupants.

Net Zero Energy concerns for majority adaption. Executive directors, Project managers and Architects often facing premium price and budgeting issues. Sill issues for P3 project execution.


Present product strength is well know, but it is a commodity. Now you can use it as a "Smart floor". "Smart floor" is about creating new value in use, improved performance lower cost and risk.

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