Our motto "building green in a concrete world", describes the commitment to promoting healthy indoor living and low carbon buildings.

TermoBuild "Building as a Battery" platform offers high-quality solutions for Net Zero Energy and Resilient Buildings at or below conventional costs. TermoBuild engineers love turning dormant concrete into a valuable asset. Using a standard system of Hollow Core Slabs and conventional indoor comfort systems TermoBuild is creating a new generation of Smart City ready buildings today. We are about comfort, safety, environmental and social benefits that make business sense.

Financial efficiency. “Building as a Battery platform is not just a solution delivered to the site. It's where the smart money goes for better returns and lower risk.

Savings in energy and non utility financial benefits, reduced risk for many projects with smaller number of mechanical equipment is more predictable. Partnering for profits with ESCO or Public/Private Partnerships that rely on turnkey design-build delivery outcomes just got easier.

Your smart city partner

What we do goes beyond the scope of conventional design teams.

Our building integration of concrete floors with indoor comfort systems fills the gap that exists in the market. It is ideal for us to get involved at the early design stage or when the project is over budget.   

Our team of engineers know that your new building could and should do more with less. By working with TermoBuild engineers our clients elevate building performance, save on long-term energy costs and significantly reduce their impact on the environment. And, in an industry where initial expenses rule, our method is focused on both energy and financial efficiency.

By building one Smart City ready building at a time, we are future proofing the value and leading the way towards an environmentally healthy future.

Building as a Battery works intuitively with fan-assisted ventilation that pushes the fresh air through a series of main ducts that are fed into smaller branch ducts. As air passes through the ducts, the concrete warms or cools the fresh air before supplying it to the occupied space. 

Our Building as a Battery system entails a combination of "smart floors" linked with significantly smaller conventional HVAC equipment to produce a sustainable building solution.

Pre-cast concrete slabs (known as "hollow core") form an integral part of the design given their intrinsic ability to supercharge and distribute heating or cooling on demand in any climate.

Long term benefit of reducing the building’s overall carbon footprint is assured.


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