Innovation Right Under Our Feet by Jack Laken

Why Concrete should be the Foundation for Every Building.

Concrete has a long and healthy history, from the Egyptian pyramids to the Colosseum, this material has withstood the test of time. Concrete does not rust, rot, or burn, doubling or even tripling the life span of most building materials.

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Redefining the “Smart” Home by Jack Laken

In our quest for advancement, technology is often at the forefront. We have systems that predict and control virtually everything from our heating to our lights to our water.  In the attempt to advance our homes and lives, we gravitate towards the latest and greatest- the best phone, latest security system, and energy conserving appliances. We are quick to discard the old, and have in turn, become an extremely disposable society increasing landfill waste and our environmental footprint.

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What is a Healthier Building? by Jack Laken

Green buildings have become the new buzz word, with several companies focusing on strategies that will reduce energy costs while preserving the environment.  As the push for net zero buildings continues to increase, the conversation has evolved to consider not only how these buildings are better for the environment, but for our overall health.  Residents and employees want to have an indoor space that is not only green, but comfortable.

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