Building as a Battery (BaaB™) is based on humble everyday technology.

The use of concrete floors for meeting the building’s HVAC needs requires smaller ductwork and reduced energy loads, resulting in significant energy and operational savings.

Termobuild treats each hollow core concrete slab as more than a floor in the building. It acts as an individual cell of ConcreteBattery™. Such batteries allow users to downsize conventional equipment, which frees up space within the building and allows for additional savings on operational costs.

Using ThermalAI™ innovation many mechanical moving parts eliminated. In essence, ConcreteBattery™ for SmartBuildings - is what NiCad battery is for Smart Phones. Best part they are not disposable.

The Building as a Battery platform takes a more sustainable and resilient approach than traditional stand alone HVAC equipment. It has been fundamental for helping achieve Net Zero Energy Buildings”

Dormant concrete when turned into "smart flooring" delivers many value streams. The building will forevermore leverage its own dormant asset to drive financial deficiency.

Long term benefit of reducing the carbon footprint makes business sense. Eliminating cost and complexity has main stream market appeal. Non-Utility financial benefits we predict easy to verify by third parties.

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Present product strength is well known, but it is a commodity. Now you can use it as a "Smart floor". "Smart floor" is about creating new value in use, improved performance lower cost and risk.

Integration of Concrete with Heating/Cooling System

Supercharing in 3 easy steps

"Building as a Battery" awakens a sleeping giant. Strategic vision achieves change, relevance and predictable success, storing free or low cost cooling at night makes business sense. It is achievable in 3 practical steps.

  1. During unoccupied hours, cool nighttime air circulated through the "smart floor". This removes daytime absorbed heat and pre-cools the space for the next day.

  2. Off-peak pre-cooling strategy cools the building at night. Benefits from night time discount offered by utilities are instant. Day time peak demand for energy reduction assured.

  3. During occupied hours, heat from internal loads absorbed by the concrete slabs. This keeps the space cooler. Absorbed energy flushed out at night while supercharging again