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Sheridan High Technology College – Centre for Manufacturing and Design Technologies
“The Key objective was to introduce technology that reflects the need to conserve energy not just for current fuel costs, but those in 15 and 20 years. To meet those energy objectives the design team adopted new uses for standard building technologies as opposed to some expensive high technology. The primary method of meeting both energy efficiency and construction cost requirements was realized by providing heating and cooling using TermoBuild method of thermal mass of concrete floor slabs in the building. 
We at Diamond and Schmitt intend to use it in all our buildings.”
M. Lechman, Diamond and Schmitt Architects


Sheridan High Technology College – Centre for Menufacturing and Design Technologies
“….I was impressed with the new equipment in the C-wing building. Due to piping problems (unrelated to thermal storage) we had almost no heating in that wing over the winter. However with the new heat wheels and the thermal storage system we were able to still keep the building at reasonable temperatures for classes. Compared to the old fan systems this is quite amazing. I will be interested to see the results of our first cooling season with this equipment.”

John Spring, Chief Operating Engineer, Davis Campus, Sheridan College
Brock University Plaza
Brock University’s Plaza Building gets high marks for versatility, innovative and energy efficient systems, and an intangible quality that could be called cultural sustainability. (By: Pamela Young, CFM&D, July 2008)
“As the building is so new, we cannot comment on its effectiveness yet. However, I would say that we anticipate significant energy savings over that of a more conventionally designed savings over that of a more conventionally designed building, and improved occupant comfort. Initial results are favourable.”

Scott Walker, Manager Campus Planning, Design and Construction Physical Plant, Brock University.


Kingdom Covenant Center in Mississauga
“This is to let you know that the design team has elected to adopt the TermoBuild approach to the HVAC system…
The main reasons for electing to go with TermoBuild were capital cost, energy efficiency and air quality, especially in the theatre where the combination of displacement ventilation and radiant cooling should provide excellent air quality and comfort.
Based on preliminary estimates and after allowing for the premium construction costs for enhanced insulation, the initial capital cost savings appear to be very significant compared to conventional approach."

Paul J.D. Evans, B.Arch, Manager, Business Development, McKay-Cocker.


         Mundy Bay

“I am very impressed with environmental aspects, building is performing better than expected.”
Brad Parks, Assistant Manager, Design and Construction Services