Building as a Battery Value Partner Program

Structural Engineers... Have you designed buildings using hollow core slabs? Discover how you can benefit by turning them into a smart floor and create instant value for you and your customers.

Profitable Partnering with AEC industry leaders is our goal. Retrofit Objective: Existing building conversion with hollow core slabs. Result: Cost effective shift from conventional to high performing building. t means together we create guaranteed value for you and your customers. It advances the mutual goals of TermoBuild and our trusted partners.

Partner Benefits

  • Increase your revenue stream.

  • Provide instant benefits to your clients.

  • Direct access to TermoBuild Engineering Team.

  • Marketing materials.

  • Sales support

TermoBuild authorized value Partner Benefits partner can offer our guaranteed Building as a Battery solution. Service and support carried out in collaboration with TermoBuild to end users.

Customer Offerings

  • Built-in resilience, radiant comfort, better indoor air, and safety.

  • Conventional HVAC equipment reduction of 40% to 50%.

  • Energy consumption reduction of 35% to 50%.

  • Reduction in maintenance costs via ThermalAI™ innovation.

  • Cost effective conversion to Net Zero buildings.


BaaB™(Building as a Battery) empowers concrete floors to act as a rechargeable battery. In new or retrofit applications when hollow core concrete slab used we treat each plank more than a floor. It acts as an individual cell of ConcreteBattery™. Shifting concrete from idle to intelligent state. We have successfully worked with both hollow core slabs as well as cast in place floors. Building types: Educational, Nursing Homes, LTC and Elderly Care, Retail, Office to name a few.

Guarantee As a VP, you’re backed by:

  1. A proven industry leader - active in Canada, USA and Internationally over 15 years.

  2. We guarantee compliance with Building, Fire, & ASHRAE latest ventilation requirements.

  3. Our Educational buildings validated best performing in Canada.

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