TermoBuild authorized value Partner Benefits partner can offer our guaranteed Building as a Battery solution. Service and support carried out in collaboration with TermoBuild to end users.

Building as a Battery Value Partner Program

Have you considered using hollow core slabs? Discover how you can benefit by turning them into a smart floor and create instant value for you and your customers.

Why install just a floor when you can install a “smart” floor.

Profitable Partnering with industry leaders is our goal.

Retrofit Objective: Existing building conversion with hollow core slabs. Result: Cost effective shift from conventional to high performing building. It means together we create guaranteed value for you and your customers. It advances the mutual goals of TermoBuild and our trusted partners.

Partner Benefits

  • Increase your revenue stream.

  • Provide instant benefits to your clients.

  • Direct access to TermoBuild Engineering Team.

  • Marketing materials.

  • Sales support

Customer Offerings

  • Built-in resilience, radiant comfort, better indoor air, and safety.

  • Conventional HVAC equipment reduction of 40% to 50%.

  • Energy consumption reduction of 35% to 50%.

  • Reduction in maintenance costs via ThermalAI™ innovation.

  • Cost effective conversion to Net Zero buildings.


BaaB™(Building as a Battery) empowers concrete floors to act as a rechargeable battery. In new or retrofit applications when hollow core concrete slab used we treat each plank more than a floor. It acts as an individual cell of ConcreteBattery™. Shifting concrete from idle to intelligent state. We have successfully worked with both hollow core slabs as well as cast in place floors. Building types: Educational, Nursing Homes, LTC and Elderly Care, Retail, Office to name a few.

Guarantee As a VP, you’re backed by:

  1. A proven industry leader - active in Canada, USA and Internationally over 15 years.

  2. We guarantee compliance with Building, Fire, & ASHRAE latest ventilation requirements.

  3. Our Educational buildings validated best performing in Canada.

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